Event Rules

PWR Hour Eligibility & Rules

Team Captains are responsible for ensuring their teams adhere to all team eligibility and event rules.


Team Eligibility Rules

1. Each team should consist of 6 participants, but the minimum number of participants per team is 5 – in this situation, 1 participant within the team is able to ride another 10-minute wave to enable the team to complete the full 60-minute session. No participant is able to ride more than 2 waves.

2. Participants are permitted to ride in only one team and must be at least 18 years of age on the event date.

3. There are 2 different team categories in the event: Overall and Mixed. Team Eligibility Rules 1-2 apply to both categories.

4. All teams will be eligible for the Overall category.

5. To be eligible for the Mixed category, a team will need to consist of at least 3 individual female participants, riding a minimum of one 10-minute wave each, and at least 1 male or non-binary participants riding at least one 10-minute wave – the rest of the team can be filled with any gender.

6. If a participant selects ‘Prefer not to say’ as their gender, the team will only be eligible for the Overall category and Mixed Team category (providing there are at least 3 different females riding one 10-minute wave each and one other gendered runner (male or non binary) riding at least one 10-minute wave in the Mixed Team).

7. The most powerful Overall team and the most powerful Mixed team per session will be awarded a prize.


Event Rules

1. Every team must complete 6 x 10-minute waves on their designated team bike.

2. There can only be one participant per team, per each 10-minute wave, contributing to that session. The next rider may only approach their team bike for the transition/swap over period when instructed to do so.

3. After finishing a 10-minute wave, participants must immediately move out of the bike pen space and into the finish area.

4. Each participant is required to wear their individual event wristband at all times so the event organisers know their unique rider number.


No appeals are allowed. The Event Organiser’s decision is final. 

All teams need to ensure they meet our Eligibility Criteria. Check your eligibility now.