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What is included with my entry?

Every team entry entitles 6 people to take part in the PWR Hour event, and comprises a full event experience with the use of cutting-edge bike technology, live leaderboards on a giant Samsung screen, instructor-led sessions, and prizes and awards for the top teams.

Every participant will also receive branded merchandise and access to the after party with premium food, 3x alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks, and live music from our resident DJ.

I've entered a team, what are the next steps?

Great to hear you are joining us for the inaugural event! As you have entered, you will be designated a ‘team captain’ for the event. We will be contacting all team captains in due course to advise you of the next steps regarding your team registration, so you can start putting your team together. As a team captains, you will have your own team portal within our website from which you will be able to add all your team’s riders via their email address.

What is the format of the event?

Your 1-hour session will comprise of 6 waves, meaning each rider will be cycling for 10 minutes against the clock – with the aim to try and generate as much power as possible as a team during the session. The one-hour/60-minute timer starts when the session begins, and at each 10-minute mark we will call all riders to switch over – the quicker your changeover, the quicker you can continue to generate power!

Our team has had a last-minute drop out, can they be replaced?

These things happen! If, as the team captain, you are not able to make the changes yourself within your portal please contact [email protected] and we will be able to assist you.

What if we do not have enough people for a team of 6 riders?

Teams need to have a minimum of 5 individual riders, where only 1 rider is permitted to ride a second 10-minute wave within the same 1-hour session.

Where will the event briefing take place?

A briefing will be emailed out to all participants before the event and will also be available to view on event day prior to your session. Please ensure you check your email inbox – it is compulsory that all participants of PWR Ride have familiarised themselves with the event briefing.

How can I donate to Greenhouse Sports?

Want to help Greenhouse Sports with their mission? You can make a donation now, or get together with your team and use PWR Hour as a fundraising opportunity!

Event Day

What time should my team arrive?

Key information, including event timings leading up to the event will be shared with you, but please expect to arrive one hour before your session is due to start.

How does it work when I get there?

The Team Captain will need to arrive around 1 hour before your session, to collect your team’s race pack. This will contain all riders’ wristbands, which must be worn at all times throughout the event.

All other team members should arrive around 30-45 minutes before their session starts to meet their Team Captain to get their wristbands, drop their kit off in bag storage and discuss team tactics.

Prior to the start of your session, every rider must watch the briefing. The Team Captain can also attend a separate bike briefing 30 minutes before the session start time so they can communicate this with you and discuss tactics.

Is there bag storage?

There is very limited space available for our event in the venue, but we are intending to have a small bag check area for those that need it, so please try to limit the amount or size of bags you bring.

Do I need to bring anything with me to the event?

Please check the digital event pack for further details, but as a minimum you will need to wear athletic clothing and bring a water bottle. We’d also recommend sweat bands and/or a small hand or face towel.

Can I bring my colleagues and friends to watch?

Yes, you are welcome to bring supporters to come and watch!

Is hospitality available to purchase?

It will be possible to purchase drinks on the day, but if you’d like to purchase additional food for spectators, this will need to be paid for in advance – please contact us if you’re interested in purchasing hospitality passes.

Will there be changing or toilet facilities available?

There are a number of toilets available within the venue, but there are no specific changing rooms, so please arrive ready to cycle.


I've never ridden a static bike before, will I be able to take part?

This event is open to participants of all cycling abilities! Each rider will be briefed (in both pre-race emails and on the day) on how to use the RE:GEN bike.

What shoes should I wear to ride?

Due to a combination of health and safety and the limitations of the event venue, no cleats will be permitted, so all riders should wear sports trainers.

What should I wear?

General activewear is perfect for the PWR Hour event. There are no specific changing facilities available, so we recommend arriving ready for your workout.

Do I need to bring water?

Yes, please bring a water bottle with you. We will have water re-fill stations and other hydration options available on site, but complimentary water will be available before and after your ride if required.

Are there any medical restrictions for taking part in the event?

We are asking that people with pacemakers, heart conditions, who are pregnant, or have epilepsy not to participate. We advise that each rider is generally fit and healthy. Please see the waiver for any other exclusions.

Bike Specifics

Who are Energym?

Energym are a clean energy start-up based in Birmingham who have developed the world’s first energy generating smart fitness bike – the RE:GEN. Energym’s goal is to unlock a new human power and tap into a new form of sustainable energy.

How does the bike convert my energy to electricity?

Energy is never created, only ever transferred between system… in this case, it’s from your body to the Energy storage system via Energym’s RE:GEN bikes. These hi-tech bits of kit feature a bespoke generator system combined with a proprietary power management system which converts the kinetic energy generated through your legs and moves it into the smart lithium-ion batteries.

What is a Watt?

A Watt is the unit for measuring power which is, in-turn, a measurement of energy (joules) over time (per second).

What is a Watt-hour or Kilowatt-hour?

A Watt Hour is the equivalent of the total energy supplied if electrical power of one watt (1W) is maintained for one hour. A Kilowatt-hour is the equivalent of the total energy supplied if electrical power of 1,000 watts (1,000W) is maintained for one hour. 1000Wh is the same as 1kWh.

These are the metrics we’ll be using to calculate how much energy you and your team are generating, and to compare your performance against other teams. For reference, it takes about 10Wh to fully charge a smart phone.

Is it a fair comparison between different cyclists when it comes to power output/energy generated?

When it comes to measuring power over the course of our PWR Hour event, our core goal is to work as a team and generate as much power as we can. In terms of the amount of power an individual can generate, this is highly variable depending on your size, strength and weight. Power is not a key indicator of fitness but it is what we are focusing on for this event in terms of generating as much energy as possible.

How does my energy get donated to Greenhouse Sports?

All the power created by each bike is stored in the removable Ohm battery pack attached to each bike. At the end of the event, all the Ohms will be provided to Greenhouse Sports who will then use to power their devices in their office.


Will there be any awards?

Yes, there will be awards for the most powerful team overall and the most powerful mixed (gender) team. To be eligible for the mixed team category, you have to have at least 3 females in the team, riding one 10-minute wave each. 

Is there an after-party?

After the event you can enjoy the first-class food and drinks in the after-party while listening to music from our live DJ. But you can also check out the competition as they take part in their sessions too.

Where can I see the results?

You will see your and your team’s results summary on the large screen during the event and on the dedicated results page on our website. Your results will also be emailed to you afterwards.

Where can I sign up for the next PWR Hour event?

We will be contacting all participants of PWR Hour after the event to offer you exclusive early access to our next PWR Hour event.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please email us at [email protected].